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Produced by Monash University, A Different Lens documentary series profiles the Clinical Psychedelic Lab, spearheading psychedelic medicine research at Monash.

Latest announcement

Recruitment now open!

We are excited to announce that recruitment for two new clinical trials in our Lab has begun.

For more information, please visit our research page.

Past announcements

MAPS Therapist Training in Australia!

The Clinical Psychedelic Lab is delighted to announce that we will host an in-person MDMA-assisted Therapist Training for mental healthcare professionals for the first time in Australia, delivered by the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS).

Please note, APPLICATIONS CLOSE 21 APRIL 2023. For details and application form, click here.

PsiGAD1 Independent Data Safety Monitoring Board report

As planned from the outset of the PsiGAD1 clinical trial (psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy in the treatment of Generalized Anxiety Disorder), an independent Data Safety Monitoring Board (DSMB) inspected all trial data to date, alongside trial documentation, and had an opportunity to ask questions of the trial management team. The DSMB indicated they were satisfied with the progress of the trial and recommended that the trial continues. Safety and tolerability for the PsiGAD1 treatment protocol has been very good, with 100% participant retention. The main part of the trial is planned to be completed late in 2023, with trial outcomes published in 2024.

Recruiting participants: Psilocybin has landed, PsiGAD-1 underway

May 2022: We recently received Australia's largest-ever shipment of clinical grade psilocybin. Many thanks to our partners at Usona Institute whose leading work has made this possible. With the arrival of this exciting package, treatment for the PsiGAD-1 Clinical Trial has commenced. Please email for more information.

Participants wanted for The Monash Psychedelic Experience and Effects Survey

December 2021: If you have had a psychedelic experience within the past two years, we’d love to ask you about your experiences! Participants will complete a 50-minute online survey and have a chance to win one of several $100 gift vouchers. Results from this survey will inform clinical psychedelic trials currently in development. Identifying information will not be collected. You may also be eligible to participate in a follow-up survey about your experiences.

To participate or for more information, please visit

World-first psilocybin trial receives ethics approval!

October 2021: It’s official! We have received ethics approval to treat 72 patients with Generalised Anxiety Disorder in a two-dose, well-controlled (triple-blind, active placebo) investigator-initiated trial. This is the largest psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy trial in Australia to date, and a world-first in the treatment of GAD. In addition, the trial will incorporate a world-first option for research therapists to receive psilocybin under supportive conditions as part of their training.

First Australian MAPS MDMA Training complete

September 2021: Congratulations to the MMP-1 trial therapists for completing their MDMA-assisted therapy training program this month! Also, a big thank you to our partners and colleagues at The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) for developing and delivering an excellent therapist training program. This is the first time MAPS has run their training program in collaboration with an Australian group. Eighteen qualified clinicians from our group, each with a wealth of mental healthcare experience, participated in this training. They will work on the MMP-1 clinical trial in our lab, treating 25 Australians with PTSD using MDMA-assisted therapy. MAPS will provide ongoing mentorship and clinical supervision to our trial therapists.

Recruiting psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy trainees

June 2021: The Clinical Psychedelic Lab is now inviting expressions of interest from mental healthcare professionals who would like to train and work as therapists on the Psi-GAD-1 trial at Monash University, exploring the use of psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy in the treatment of Generalised Anxiety Disorder. To apply, you must be based in Melbourne, Australia. Training commences in August. If interested, please email us at and request further information.

MAPS MDMA-assisted therapy training to commence

April 2021: In May 2021 we will commence the first MDMA therapist training and clinical supervision program in Australia, provided by the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) in partnership with the Clinical Psychedelic Lab. Much gratitude goes to MAPS and Nigel Strauss for the training and funding. Therapist trainees will participate in a 3-month training program delivered by MAPS and the Clinical Psychedelic Lab, followed by supervised practice as co-therapists within the MMP-1 trial at Monash (supervision provided by MAPS). Following successful completion of the training program and supervised practice, trainees will receive MAPS-accreditation.

Recruiting MDMA-Psychotherapy trainees

April 2021: The Clinical Psychedelic Lab is now recruiting mental healthcare professionals for training and supervised practice within our MDMA for PTSD trial, MMP-1. MAPS-accredited therapist training and clinical supervision will be provided by the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) in partnership with the Clinical Psychedelic Lab. Interested and qualified professionals should send a very brief expression of interest as soon as possible to