Dr Eli Chu

Name: Eli Chu

Title in Occupational  Therapy Department:
Senior  Lecturer

Phone number: +613  9904 4530

Email: eli.chu@monash.edu

Researcher Profile

Eli Chu is a registered  occupational therapist with extensive clinical experience in Hong Kong and  Australia in both public and private health settings. Eli has specialties in  chronic pain management; management and rehabilitation of rheumatology  conditions; rehabilitation for adult and geriatric population with neurological  conditions and spinal cord injuries as well as assistive technology.  Eli is passionate about engaging people with  health challenges in self-management and peer support. She is one of the  founding executive members of Hong Kong Arthritis & Rheumatism Foundation.
Eli’s academic career  involves undergraduate teaching, curriculum development, use of simulation in  health education.


Doctor of  Philosophy (PhD), 2005, The University of Hong Kong, Faculty of Medicine, Hong  Kong
Graduate Certificate in Higher Education, 2015, Australian  Catholic University, Victoria, Australia
Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, 2011, Swinburne  University of Technology, Victoria, Australia
Certificate in Traditional Chinese Medicine for  Practitioner, 1994, School of Professional and Continuing Education, The University of  Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Bachelor of Science (O.T.), 1989, University of Wisconsin –  Madison, United States of America
Accredited Occupational Therapist

Research Interests:

  • Health and quality of life for people with chronic health  conditions or disabilities
  • Chronic pain and chronic disease self-management
  • Evidence based practice
  • Interdisciplinary or transdisciplinary rehabilitation
  • Use of simulation in health education
  • Personal, environmental and cultural factors related to  occupation


Co-investigator  on research project for Department of Health, Australia, Embedding simulation  into clinical training in occupational therapy (with embedded economic  evaluation), May 2014 to June 2017, amount funded: $1,294,220.00.

Co-investigator of  Facilitating excellent teaching practices in role-play for the Health Sciences:  A toolkit for staff and students informed by drama (2016 –2017), funded by  Australian Catholic University Teaching and Learning Development Grant, amount  funded: $19897.20.


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Research report

Imms, C., Chu, E., Guinea, S.,  Sheppard, L., Froude, E., & Carter, R. (2014). National Consultation  Report – Embedding Simulation in Occupational Therapy. Australian Catholic  University on behalf of Department of Health (previous Health Workforce  Australia): Melbourne, Australia.

Recent Conference  Presentations:

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  2. Guinea, S., Chu, E.       & Sheppard, L (2015). Designing simulation for authentic       learning. Poster presented at the Sim Health 2015,       Adelaide, Australia.
  3. Sheppard,  L., & Chu, E. (2014, May). Thinking outside the box: Engaging  occupational therapy students in workplace practice…in the university. Paper  presented at the OT Australia Victoria 2014 State Conference, Melbourne,  Australia.
  4. Chu, E.  & Millar, S. (2014, April). Factors that may predict patients who is  more likely to drop out from an inter-disciplinary Chronic Pain Management  Program. Poster presented at the Australian Pain Society 34th Annual Scientific  Meeting, Hobart, Australia.
  5. Yeomanson,  A., Millar, S. & Chu E. (2013, March). Redesigning a  public ambulatory pain service to optimize wait times and care quality. Poster  presented at the Australian Pain Society 33rd Annual Scientific Meeting,  Canberra, Australia.
  6. Chu, E.,  Yeomanson, A. & Yencken, S. (2011, June). Short term and  medium term effectiveness of a multidisciplinary pain management program in a  public health service. Poster presented at the Australian Pain Society  31st Annual Scientific Meeting, Darwin, Australia.
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