The Monash University Department of Occupational Therapy is a world leader in the generation of knowledge about occupation, participation and wellbeing and its translation into occupation-focused practices, and an academic provider of choice for undergraduate and graduate-entry occupational therapy education that is socially responsive, community-focused, evidence-based and international in its outlook.

Innovation and Excellence

The Department of Occupational Therapy is committed to innovation and building evidence to inform the development of high-quality curricula and professional practices that are responsive to the current and emerging occupational needs of clients, families, communities and populations

The Department of Occupational Therapy works to address disability, disadvantage and marginalization experienced by people across the lifespan by building the skills and capacity of the profession and community, to advocate for social justice and occupation-related rights, enable participation, and promote health and well-being.

The Department of Occupational Therapy collaborates in education and research with its professional, service and community partners, to inform policies and practices, as well as to ensure its graduates' capabilities and professional competencies are highly relevant to the workforce and responsive to community needs.


The Department of Occupational Therapy has 4 Focus Program areas including:

Equipment and Technology: Rapid advancements in design and fabrication technology are leading to easily available, inexpensive, customised assistive devices for people with a disability. This technology is likely to benefit children who quickly outgrow traditional prostheses, and people with limited access to prosthetic care.
 Healthy Mothers Healthy Families: Is a healthy lifestyle redesign and empowerment workshop. Mothers who are also carers of a child with a disability have specific health and lifestyle needs due to their family and child-related responsibilities.

Measurement: Reliable and valid measurement tools are a necessary part of evidence based practice and the quest to determine whether clients achieve the outcomes that they aim for when receiving health services. This research aims to develop and evaluate tools suitable for supporting evidence-based practice.

Sleep: Is imperative to health and wellbeing.

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