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Individual developmental  assessment and feedback report

The Occupational Therapist will assess your child’s  school readiness skills with assistance of the Miller Function and  Participation Scale (M-FUN). This is a developmental assessment tool that is  used to identify children (aged 2:6-7:11 years) who may have a developmental  delay in functional motor abilities that are needed in order to participate in  the early school years. It looks at the areas of visual motor, fine motor and  gross motor skills.

The assessment takes approximately one hour to  complete and it consists of the following tasks: workbook tasks  including mazes, scanning for hidden objects, drawing a person, letter tracing  and copying, folding and cutting paper, games with coins, manipulating clay, balancing on one  foot,  jumping, kicking a ball etc.

Each task is scored according to the different  motor skills that the child is able to demonstrate. At the end of the  assessment a final score for each area (visual motor, fine motor and gross  motor) is calculated in order to determine if there is a delay in motor  abilities, compared to same aged peers.

The  Occupational Therapist will then make  specific recommendations for some activities to assist your child to develop  both their confidence and skill level,  which  can be  incorporated in your daily or weekly routine.

Individual intervention  sessions

The Occupational  Therapist will set individualised goals for this appointment, tailored to the  needs of your child and family.  This may include direct one on one work with your child,  consultation with parent or teacher ( as  required);  relevant to the needs of  your child. Appointments are for 30 minutes  duration. The amount and frequency of  sessions will be negotiated with family.

The Occupational  Therapist will make specific recommendations for some activities to assist your  child to develop both their confidence and skill level. Many of these  activities can be incorporated in your daily or weekly routine, by looking at  opportunities. Routines based activities will be discussed with parents to  assist the family to develop specific goals to increase your child’s competence  with table top activities and to address underlying barriers to your child’s  general participation at home, kindergarten and/or school.

Fine motor group sessions (Fingergym™)

The  Fingergym™   group is an evidence-based  small group program specifically designed to develop fine  motor skills and handwriting. Fingergym™ uses fun and motivating fine motor based  activities to target many skills necessary to help children become more independent  in the classroom.  This group is great for  children who would benefit  from extra practice with fine motor activities relevant to their school  participation such as writing/pre-writing skills, pencil skills, manipulating  small objects, cutting and activities that are designed to strengthen shoulder,  hand, and finger muscles. These activities are essential core foundation skills  in children that assist them to become independent in the classroom once  achieved.

This  group can also be of benefit to children who need help in other areas, such as:

  • Organising themselves and their possessions
  • Starting and finishing tasks
  • Confidence to have a go
  • Asking for help when needing it
  • Following instructions.

MUCCY  is currently offering group  programs  for  pre-schoolers,  prep and grade one students. The MUCCY clinic  operates on a Thursday only.

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