Dr Primrose Lentin

Senior Lecturer, Deaprtment of Occupational Therapy

Phone: +61 3 9904 4491
Email: primrose.lentin@monash.edu


PhD - La Trobe University; Bachelor of Applied Science (Occupational Therapy)
Accredited Occupational Therapist

Other Positions

Honours Co-ordinator Bachelor of Occupational Therapy Course
Journal of Occupational Science Occupational Terminology Section Editor

Research Interests

  • Responses to traumatic and crisis experiences by individuals, families and communities and the roles of occupations, social and physical environments and narrative in the recovery process
  • Occupational Science - the study of human occupations/activities and the relationship between persons, environments and occupations and health and well being
  • Occupational therapy intervention including approaches to assessment, treatment and rehabilitation, recovery and prevention
  • Person-centred practice, therapeutic and enabling relationships, therapeutic and enabling communication and life participation
  • Issues related to occupational therapy education, practice and professional development
  • Qualitative and mixed methods research methodologies

Recent Publications

Peer reviewed journals:

Stewart, J., Galvin, J., Froude, E. & Lentin, P.  (2010). ‘Keeping it Together' (KIT-Australia) information package for carers of children with special needs - A pilot study. Australian Occupational Therapy Journal, 57(4), 268-275.

Urlic, K., & Lentin, P. (2010). Exploration of the occupations of people with schizophrenia. Australian Occupational Therapy Journal, 57(5), 310-317.

Urlic, K., & Lentin, P. (2008). Critically Appraised Paper: Mental health consumers developed an understanding of their potential for work through doing work and becoming persons with possible work futures. Australian Occupational Therapy Journal, 55(4), 293-295.

Lentin, P. (2006). Occupational terminology: Adaptation. Journal of Occupational Science, 13(2), 153-157.

Lentin, P. (2005). Occupational terminology: An exploration of the use, meaning and relationship of the terms act, action, agency and doing, in relation to the construction of human occupation. Journal of Occupational Science, 12 (3), 191-194.

Lentin, P. (2005). Occupational terminology interactive dialogue: Activity. Journal of          Occupational Science, 12 (1), 51-53.

Lentin, P. (2004). Occupational terminology interactive dialogue: Act, action, activity and   agency. Journal of Occupational Science, 11 (2), 85-86.

Lentin, P. (2002). The human spirit and occupation: Surviving and creating a life. Journal of Occupational Science, 9 (3), 143-152.

Ratcliff, E., Farnworth, L., & Lentin, P. (2002). Journey to wholeness: The experience of          engaging in physical occupation of women survivors of childhood abuse. Journal of Occupational Science, 9 (2), 65-71.


Caulley, D. N., & Lentin, P. (2011). An evaluation of the Hotham Mission community-based accommodation detention program for unaccompanied young people seeking asylum. Frankston, Victoria: Department of Occupational Therapy, Monash University.

Recent Conference Presentations:

Lentin, P, Caulley, D. (2011). Factors influencing real evidence in politically sensitive research. Association for Qualitative research Discourse, Power Resistance DPR ‘Down Under' Conference, Cairns, Australia.

Tse, T, Douglas, J., Lentin, P. & Carey, L. (2011). A systematic review of participation measures post-stroke. Twenty Second Annual Scientific Meeting of the Stroke Society of Australasia.

Hobson, T, McDonald R., & Lentin, P. (2010). A study of hand splints for children with neurological problems: Occupational therapists and education staff views of the use of hand splints in the classroom environment.  OT Australia (Victoria) Conference, Melbourne, Australia.

Popovic, D, Brown, T., & Lentin, P. (2010). Impact of early childhood intervention services (ECIS) flexible support packages on families: Parent perceptions. OT Australia (Victoria) Conference, Melbourne, Australia.

Morton, J, & Lentin, P. (2010). The experience and meaning of engaging in an occupation-based group for consumers on an acute psychiatric inpatient unit. OT Australia (Victoria) Conference, Melbourne, Australia..

Stewart, C. & Lentin, P. (2008). More than just "keeping people busy". Occupational therapy in acute psychiatric adult inpatient units in Victoria. OT Australia Conference, Melbourne, Australia.

Lentin, P. (2002, September). The human spirit and occupation: Surviving and creating a life. Keynote Speaker, Fourth Australasian Occupational Science Symposium, Auckland University of Technology, Auckland, New Zealand.

Lentin, P. (2001, April). Surviving through occupation: How survivors of traumatic life events          use occupation to facilitate their functioning in daily life. Paper presented at Occupational Therapy Australia 21st National Conference, Brisbane, Australia.

Boscarino, M., Joseph, C., Malcolm, A., Randall, L., Russell, E., & Lentin, P. (2001, April). Consumers evaluation of a community care unit services in relation to promotion of independence. Paper presented at Occupational Therapy Australia 21st National Conference,          Brisbane, Australia.

Lentin, P. (2000, March). Living with traumatic stress: Surviving and facilitating functioning: Strategies survivors use to manage responses to and make sense of traumatic experiences. Workshop presented at the Third World Conference of the International Society of Traumatic Stress Studies, Melbourne, Australia.