Research in Occupational Therapy at Monash University

We are passionate about research in the field of occupational therapy. The Department of Occupational Therapy has exciting research projects underway involving Monash occupational therapy researchers in conjunction with interdisciplinary colleagues at Monash University, and students undertaking Honours, Masters and PhD research, as well as with many health, community and educational partner organisations.

If you are looking to collaborate with us, or you are looking for a research supervisor, our researchers have expertise in these specific areas:

  • Accessibility, equipment and technologies for inclusion following injury, disability and as people age
  • Disability: NDIS, innovative housing and support; early intervention; interventions for families and children; enabling inclusion in school; and vocational interventions.
  • Measurement: designing, developing and evaluating tools to support the development of evidence-based practices
  • Community participation, social inclusion and wellbeing over the lifespan
  • Occupational therapy education: fostering evidence-informed and culturally responsive quality student learning experiences, work-integrated learning and educational outcomes

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For more information about graduate research opportunities with us, see the Master of Advanced Occupational Therapy Practice, Master of Philosophy, and Doctor of Philosophy. We also encourage you to contact us at:

What inspires occupational therapy researchers at Monash University?

Our Vision:

We aspire to be global leaders in occupation-focused research, delivered collaboratively with people and communities, to enable participation and wellbeing.

Our Mission:
  • We innovate and create evidence to inform professional practices that are responsive to the current and emerging occupational needs of individuals, families, communities and populations.
  • We work to address disability, disadvantage and marginalization experienced by people across the lifespan.
  • We use research to advocate for opportunities for participation, social justice, and the promotion of health and well-being.
  • We collaborate with professionals, services and community partners, to inform policies and practice locally and globally.
  • We advance evidence-based occupational therapy education to ensure workforce ready graduates' who are responsive to contemporary practice.
  • We lead, contribute and collaborate to create high quality evidence for health and wellbeing across the lifespan.
  • We build evidence to inform environmental and technology design to enable participation in daily occupations.

What guides our research?

Our Focus:

Our department undertakes research that is aligned with the World Federation of Occupational Therapists (WFOT) global research agenda* to be impactful locally and globally.

*Eight research priorities for the future of occupational therapy research were generated through a DELPHI study across 46 WFOT member countries.  WFOT, et al. (2017). International Occupational Therapy Research priorities. OTJR: Occupation, Participation and Health, 37(2): 72-81.

To learn more about how Monash University occupational therapy research aligns with the World Federation of Occupational Therapists research priorities, explore Our Occupational Therapy Research Priorities.