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Past Events

RAIL & NCHA Melbourne Design Week 2022 Narrative Portrait Exhibition - Benefiting Everyone: Good Design Features for Healthy Ageing

The RAIL Research Centre, together with the National Centre for Healthy Ageing, was pleased to host a 2022 Melbourne Design Week satellite event on Monash Peninsula Campus from 17 - 25 March 2022. This event was called "Benefiting Everyone: Good Design Features for Healthy Ageing" and aligned with the Melbourne Design Week theme of "Design for Civic Good". The event included a free public talk, as well as a week-long portrait exhibition hosted on the Peninsula Campus. This exhibition focused on good design features of objects, buildings, designs and services that make people feel part of a community across the lifespan, provoking conversations and engagement of a broad audience about ways we can together collaborate to create a better and healthier future for all.

Invited speakers at the keynote event included the Chair of the Centre for Universal Design Australia, Dr Jane Bringolf, and the Mayor of Frankston City Council, Mayor Cr Nathan Conroy. There was also a presentation by the Head of Strategy at the St Kilda Football Club, Andrew Dick, on the new Healthy Futures Hub at Seaford Football Ground, which staff from the Monash School of Primary and Allied Health Care have led collaboration on with other community partners.

The narrative portrait exhibition was curated by Monash University School of Nursing and Midwifery Associate Professor Gabrielle Brand, with photography by Fred Kroh.

If you would like to read more, this event was written up in an article published in The Senior.

Left to Right: Dr Aislinn Lalor, A/Prof Libby Callaway, Prof David Copolov AO, Mr Andrew Dick, Mayor Cr Nathan Conroy, Dr Jane Bringolf, Prof Keith Hill, Dr Natasha Brusco, Prof Velandai Srikanth, A/Prof Gabby Brand at the Melbourne Design Week satellite event on Monash Peninsula Campus

The public photographic exhibition on Good Design Features for Healthy Ageing

Exploring Rehabilitation, Ageing & Independent Living:
RAIL Research Centre Symposium & Narrative Portrait Exhibition 2021

RAIL Symposium & Exhibition launch:
On Thursday 2nd December 2021, The Rehabilitation, Ageing and Independent Living (RAIL) Research Centre hosted a symposium and launch of photographic exhibition in Cube 37 at the Frankston Arts Centre, celebrating 2 years of the work of RAIL. The symposium included a range of national and international guest speakers, invited to share their professional and/or personal experiences of rehabilitation, ageing, disability and independent living. Presenters included:

  • Dr Ben Gauntlett and Dr Kay Patterson AO, the Disability and Aged Discrimination Commissioners at the Australian Human Rights Commission
  • Professor Julie Bernhardt (The Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health), Dr Amelia Crabtree (Alfred Health) and Professor Nicola Kayes (Auckland University of Technology)
  • Caleb Rixon (Founder of Genyus Network) and Emma Gee (Inspirational Speaker & Author)

The symposium was MC’ed by SPAHC Head of School, Professor Terry Haines, and included an introduction and overview of RAIL’s first two years by FMNHS Dean, Professor Chris Mitchell.

The event was a huge success and was followed by the launch of a debut photographic exhibition and written narratives curated by Associate Professor Gabby Brand, with the RAIL Research Centre team. This exhibition investigated consumer and community stakeholder perspectives on the intersections of health, ageing, rehabilitation and disability to build independent living, and findings from the work are now being used to inform the research vision and priorities of RAIL.

Rehabilitation, Ageing & Independent Living (RAIL) Residential Care Forum 2021

Recent research outcomes, and shaping research priorities for residential aged care into the future

RAIL hosted a very successful Residential care research workshop on 12 July 2021, with 70 registrants, and about half of those meeting in person at the Peninsula Kingswood Country Golf Club, Frankston.

Dr Kay Patterson AO, Age Discrimination Commissioner in the Australian Human Rights Commission provided an excellent keynote presentation on Human Rights and Aged Care, which set the scene for the rest of the day. Dr Valda Groves, Manager of the Public Sector Residential Aged Care Services (Department of Health) then provided an overview of some major developments occurring, in particular around new purpose built facilities from the state Government perspective. Associate Professor Dawn Mackey (Centre for Hip Health and Mobility, Simon Fraser University, Canada) then detailed from a flooring / falls injury prevention trial, which was followed by a series of speakers including topics of:

  • Working in partnership with residential aged care providers and staff in research;
  • Better quality of care: initiatives and implications for the care workforce;
  • Young People in Residential Aged Care in Australia: Current Policy, Evidence and Outcomes;
  • Exploring the impact and management of residents' limited English proficiency in residential aged care;
  • Factors that predict discharge destination for patients in a residential care based “transitional care program”: a multi-state prospective observational cohort study;
  • Staff culture and culture change, staff empowerment;
  • Trial of general practitioners being employed directly in nursing homes;
  • Exercise in residential care to reduce risk of falls.

A brief workshop at the end of the program discussed priorities for future research. The RAIL is now building on the discussions and networking that occurred during the workshop, to strengthen research activity and outcomes for all involved in residential care settings going forwards.