Successful Research Grants (selected)

Recent grants received with all or part funding coming to RAIL:

2021. National Disability Research Partnership Pilot Grants. Callaway L, Bould E, Layton N, Tregloan K, Bredin J, LeCerf C, Lewis T,Butler T, McDonald A, Bitner G, Southwell M, Ashenden A. ‘Bringing It Home’: The exploration and co-design of consumer-led methodologies to understand lived experience of home and living within a National Disability Research Partnership. $129,269.

2021. Hill KD, Lalor A, Callaway L, Morgan P.  Falls risk among people with intellectual disability living in Specialist Disability Accommodation – risk assessment to guide intervention?  $69,662, 2021-2022.

2021. Ekegren C, Gabbe B, Braaf S, Brusco N, Callaway L, Hill KD, Keeves J, Kunstler B, Kimmel L. Transport Accident Commission. The uptake, benefits and impact of telehealth care for hospitalized TAC clients and service providers. $199,058, 2021 – 2022.

2021. National Centre for Healthy Ageing Living Labs grants. Hill KD, Khushu A, Slatyer S, Jacinto A, Burton E, Bryant C, Oliveira D, Tiller L, Lemos N, Brusco N. Who cares for the carer: Co-designing a novelservice to support the health and well-being of carers of older people. $149,636, 2021.

2020. Lee A, Hill KD, Burton E, Meyer C. Dementia Australia Research Foundation. Is there a role for gait aids to improve stability and reduce falls risk for older people with dementia? $74,198, 2020 - 2022

2020. World Health Organisation Research Consultancy. Layton N, Callaway L, Hill KD, Mont D, Shae K, Tebbutt E, Puli L. The COVID-19 global pandemic and access to assistive technology: voice of users and providers. $55,000, 2020-21.

2020. NHMRC Partnership Grant. Brusco N, Morris M, Taylor N, Hill KD, Lee A, Somerville L, Lannin N, Abdelmotalebv R, Callaway L. Improving Rehabilitation Outcomes Through Self-Management: My Therapy.  $943.438, 2020 – 2023.