Our Centre focuses on three key streams of research in order to bring the biggest benefit to the community.


Rehabilitation plays a critical role in improving a person’s life after injury or illness. We’re working on innovative, scalable and equitable models of rehabilitation that empower patients. Our goal is to advance rehabilitation services, improve how these integrate with existing health and support services and ensure they’re accessible for all Australians.

Rehabilitation focus areas:

  • Innovative models
  • Assistive technology
  • Empowering users of rehabilitation services
  • Cost-effective models of care


Australia has an ageing population and as our life expectancy continues to grow, we’ll need to act now to ensure better health and quality of life. Our work explores practical ways to age well, such as minimising falls-related hospitalisations and creating lifestyle programs to reduce the risk of health conditions like dementia or frailty.

Ageing focus areas:

  • Health promotion and prevention
  • Aged friendly design and environments
  • Mental and physical health and wellbeing
  • Falls and injury prevention

Independent living

One in five Australians experiences disability that impacts participation in home and community life. Our research, in collaboration with lived experience experts, drives new solutions in the delivery of housing, technology and support design, so people of all abilities can live with maximum independence and in good health.

Independent living focus areas:

  • Home and community design
  • Human, assistive and mainstream technology supports
  • Social and economic participation
  • Health professional and direct workforce design

There’s also a number of themes that bridge across our three streams of work, including

  • Participation
  • Behaviour change
  • Health, aged care and disability workforce
  • Ensuring health and wellbeing of carers

Through our research, we engage strongly with our partners, ensuring our research is relevant, impactful and addresses the biggest unmet needs within our community.

PhD students

RAIL staff currently have supervision roles for a number of PhD students, including projects in the areas of physical activity, falls prevention, stroke, vestibular and Parkinson's disease rehabilitation, postural stability, dementia and dementia risk reduction, and disparities in trauma rehabilitation.

If you're considering a PhD in rehabilitation, ageing on independent living, we'd love to hear from you. Contact our team to discuss available projects and opportunities.

Meet our Researchers