Current Research Projects

The LiveUp Study: early implementation evaluation of a digital suite of solutions aimed at improving functional abilities in older adults

Project Team: Professor Keith Hill, Dr Natasha Layton, Dr Natasha Brusco

Timeline: 2021-2022

Project summary: This study is about healthy ageing. We aim to evaluate the effectiveness of the LiveUp self assessment tool and associated online resources in helping older Australians to undertake actions to improve independence.

We are currently recruiting participants from the Mornington Peninsula or in Melbourne’s south-eastern suburbs.

CONTACT US If you are an older Australian who is:

  • living at home and able to use a computer or mobile device;
  • motivated to remain as independent as possible;
  • beginning to have challenges in cutting your toenails, walking outdoors or getting up from the floor, or
  • receiving services from a community care organisation to help at home

Project Flyer: Can be downloaded by clicking on the image below.

To participate: Please download the Explanatory Statement and Consent Form HERE.

Any questions, please contact Dr Natasha Layton or 0405 310 266.

***This section is currently under construction. More information on other RAIL projects coming soon!***