Kirby Centre Staff contribute significantly to the teaching programmes offered by the School of Public Health and Preventative Medicine and the Faculty more broadly. Bebe Loff developed the Master of International Health and bears overall responsibility for this programme. Centre staff teach core subjects in both the Masters of International Health and the Masters of Public Health, together with undergraduate subjects in the MBBS and BHSc. We have been engaged to contribute to teaching by diverse groups as varied as the Department of Human Services, the World Health Organization, the American Government, the Asia Pacific Network of Sex Workers and Fiji National University. We have significant expertise in developing culturally relevant, regionally appropriate teaching programs in ethics, rights and law, building capacity, and engaging students with innovative and interactive teaching approaches.

Short Course

*    Ethics and Goods Research Practice

Postgraduate Study

*   Master of International Health

*   Master of Forensic Medicine

*   Training programmes in research ethics and on aspects of human identification

PhD Program

The Kirby Centre has opportunities for completing a PhD on a range of our projects.

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View our Research Program and Doctoral Program to learn about the topics we investigate, or consult the Department of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine's doctoral information page to assess your eligibility and other requirements of the program.