Subject List

Subject List

Dr Loff, Dr Bishop and Mr Crammond have developed, coordinated and taught the following subjects:

•    MPH5255 Health and Human Rights

The interrelationship between public health, human rights and ethics. Includes discussion of aboriginal health, women's health, HIV/AIDS, intellectual property and access to pharmaceuticals, refugee health, complex humanitarian crises amongst other topics analysed from a human rights perspective.

•    MPH5283 Ethics, Good Research Practice & Practical Research Skills – (face to face, online and as a short course)

This unit will provide students with the practical knowledge required to plan and undertake a clinical research project with close attention to the highest standards of ethics and Good Research Practice. Students will also gain detailed knowledge in planning, and organizing their knowledge using methods of clinical research in a written and oral format.

•    EPM5021 Contemporary ethical dilemmas in research

Develops the critical ability to evaluate the human rights considerations pertinent to research in situation in which the autonomy of potential participants is gravely diminished, for example: refugee populations, people living in poverty, conditions of civil rights violations, war or internal conflicts. How should research with vulnerable populations be undertaken, if at all?

•   EPM5023 Health Research and Exploitation of Vulnerable Populations

Builds awareness of key bioethical issues in research and in international collaborative health research. The history of rules guiding research and essential components of ethical review process. Geopolitical purposes, 10/90 disequilibrium, relationship between research parties including host and sponsor countries, multilateral organisations and pharmaceutical companies, trial design and community / potential participants, informed consent, placebo controlled trials, justice issues including benefit access and capacity building. Different international and national guidelines reviewed.

•    EPM5024 Legal Issues in Research

Introductory approach to international and domestic law to research. Examination of legal approach to substantive issues such as consent, confidentiality, discrimination, contract, intellectual property and human rights as well as different international codes, guidelines and standards.

•    EPM5025 Human research ethics committees:
Ethical review of research and research governance 

Assignment to a human research ethics committee. Observation of aspects of their functioning, including understanding the different perspectives of the various members of the committee, and the administrative processes involved in running such a committee.

•    HSC3001 Health, law and ethics

This unit deals with two primary aspects of professional practice in the health and social care system, namely the legal and ethical principles that govern the operation of the system and the behaviour of individuals within it. The unit commences with an introduction to the legal framework, covering common law, statute law and the legal responsibilities of health and social care professionals. Students are then introduced to the ethical framework, through an examination of ethical theory, professional ethics, confidentiality, informed consent and relationships with patients. The complex interrelationship between legal and ethical aspects of healthcare practice is explored.