Doctoral Program

The doctoral candidates associated with the Centre are: Bridget Pratt, Brad Crammond, Molly Bond, and Michael Williams. Bebe Loff is an associate supervisor for Bridget Haire, a doctoral candidate at Sydney University. Shyamala Nataraj is the first person to have completed her doctoral degree with the Centre. This is especially rewarding as Shyamala, completed her Master in International Research Bioethics with us, on a scholarship funded by the NIH.

Shyamala Nataraj PhD completed Feb 2012
Thesis topic: HIV testing of pregnant women in Tamil Nadu, India

Bridget Pratt PhD completed August 2012
Thesis topic: Developing and testing an ethical framework to link international clinical research to justice in global health

Brad Crammond PhD due for completion by Mar 2013
Thesis topic: Social epidemiology, inequalities in health and justice

Molly Bond PhD due for completion by Dec 2013
Thesis topic: The Phenomenology of the Obesity Epidemic: Can we find a common narrative with which to move forward?