Proceedings of the 1997 Road Safety Research and Enforcement Conference

9-12 November 1997, Hobart, Tasmania

Published by Monash University Accident Research Centre on behalf of the Tasmanian Department of Transport and Tasmania Police, August 1998

Contents of Proceedings:

Anderson, R.C. & Shoukrallah, R. Older road user crashes in the ACT - Have intervention programs made any difference ? 3.3
Andrea, D.J., Fildes, B.F. & Triggs, T.J. Older driver performance in complex driving environments 3.3
Awad, R. The development of "A Hurstville Road Safety Odyssey" - a five year road safety plan for Hurstville City Council 2.2
Cairney, P.T. & McGann, A.P. Risk factors on Australian rural roads 1.3
Cairney, P.T. & McGann, A.P. The case for a uniform approach to evaluation studies in traffic safety 2.1
Cameron, M.H. Comparison of methods of modelling trends in road casualties in Australasia and the Netherlands 2.1
Cameron, M.H., Diamontopoulou, K. & Dyte, D.S. Drink-driver behaviour and localized effects of the country random breath testing and publicity program 1.1
Cameron, M.H., Newstead, S. & Le, C.M. The development and estimation of vehicle aggressivity ratings for Australian passenger vehicles 1.3
Catchpole, J.E. & Morrissy, Z. Reminding turning drivers to give way to pedestrians 1.3
Cercarelli, L.R Road crash involvement of Aboriginal people in Western Australia from 1988 to 1994 2.3
Cercarelli, L.R., Hendrie, D., Ryan, G.A. & Legge, M. The Western Australian Road Safety Risk Factors Study 1.2
Christie, R. Drink driving survey of Victorian Probationary and full license holders 1.1
Davey, J., Ferguson, M., Sheehan, M., O'Brien, C. & Schonfeld, C. Learning materials for the older driver 3.3
Diamontopoulou, K., Cameron, M.H. & Mullan, N.G. A preliminary evaluation of moving mode radar for speed enforcement 3.1
Diamontopoulou, K., Cameron, M.H., Dyte, D.S. & Harrison, W.A. Demerit points as a predictor of future crash involvement 1.2
Frith, W.J. & Keall, M.D. The contribution of monitoring road user behaviours in New Zealand to the development of road safety strategy 1.2
Godley, S.T., Fildes, B.F. & Triggs, T.J. Edgelines with low-visual guidance and discomfort as a natural speed countermeasure 3.1
Graham, A., St. John, L. & Preece, R. The Enhanced Enforcement Program - a product of the partnership between the RTA and the NSW Police Service 1.2
Harris, A.E. The RACV Safety Awareness Program for Older Road Users 3.3
Harrison, W. Defining Groups of drink drivers using occupational data 1.1
Harrison, W.A. Exploring the crashes of disqualified drivers and riders 2.3
Hendrie, D., Mullan, N. & Ryan, G.A. Development of a road injury cost database (Abstract only) 2.1
Hendrie, D., Rosman, D., Kirov, C., Legge, M., & Ryan, G.A. An economic evaluation of the bicycle helmet legislation in Western Australia (Abstract only) 1.2
Langford, J. Summary of "Challenges" responses Plenary
Leicester, P. Interactive multimedia - is it relevant to road safety 2.2
Leicester, P. The NRMA Driver Education Research Project - preliminary results of a study conducted by the University of New England 3.2
Makeham, P. How many deaths and injuries will be choose to accept ? Plenary
McColl, R.A. Demographic and offence profile of speeding in South Australia 3.1
Morris, A.P., Bentivegna, F., Fildes, B., Kenny, D. & Edwards-Coghill, K. Restrained drivers in frontal crashes - some effects of seat-belts and airbags deduced from field studies 1.3
Neuhold, R. & Hornery, A. Road Safety Network - NSW Internet Pilot 2.2
Oxley, J., Fildes, B., Ihsen, E., Charlton, J. & Day, R. Simulation of the road crossing task for older and young pedestrians: a validation study 3.3
Palamara, P.G., Stevenson, M., Jamrozik, K., Morrison, D., Ryan, T. & Spittle, J.A. Probationary motor vehicle drivers' perceptions of their driving skills and style (Overheads only) 3.2
Pronk, N.J., Harrison, W.A. & Triggs, T.J. Young drivers and speed enforcement in Victoria 3.2
Roach, G., Taylor, M.A.P., Dawson, D. An evaluation of the SA 'Logbook' Driver Licensing System: young drivers and risk-taking behaviour 3.2
Roche, P. Risk management in CTP insurance - the road safety aspect Plenary
Rosman, D.L. Road crash recidivism - a case-control study (Abstract only) 2.3
Rosman, D.L., Hendrie, D.V. & Ryan, G.A. Evaluating road safety regulation 2.1
Shtifelman, Cameron, M. & Avsar, G. Limits of explainable variation of road crashes 2.1
Span, D.B.E. & Borenstein, B. Awareness of and response to increased demerit points for speeding offences over two holiday periods 3.1
Swadling, D.L. Speeding enforcement strategies in Western Australia 3.1
Swann P. The challenge of drug impaired driving in the 21st century - what can be done about it ? Plenary
Vulcan, P. Predicting road fatalities for 2001 and beyond Plenary
Wall, J.P. & Haydon, S. A review of community road safety groups in southern NSW 2.2
Watson, B.C. The crash involvement of unlicensed drivers in Queensland 2.3
Watson, B.C. & Siskind, V. The effectiveness of license restriction for drink drivers 1.1
Wheeler, W.A. & Wilson, N.J. The role of habit, skill and attitude in training young drivers 3.2