Child Injuries Associated with Nursery Furniture

Monash University Accident Research Centre - Report #12 - 1990

Authors: J. Ozanne-Smith, C. Heffernan

Full report in pdf format [75KB]


The aetiology of nursery furniture related injuries is described based on information from the National Injury Surveillance and Prevention Program, Victorian child death data, and Australian and overseas Standards for nursery furniture.

The six major categories of nursery furniture involved in injury were strollers and prams, baby walkers, high chairs, changing tables, cots (excluding portables) and baby exercisers (bouncinettes). Follow-up studies for strollers, prams and high chairs have commenced to ascertain if restraints were available and used. An exposure study is recommended for baby walkers, to determine the injury rate in terms of exposure.

Recommendations are made in relation to design and Standards, and also for the provision of information to parents and care givers regarding safe design and use of nursery furniture.

Sponsor: Victorian Health Promotion Foundation