Crashes on the Approaches to Provincial Cities

Monash University Accident Research Centre - Report #31 - 1992

Author: M. Tziotis

Full report in .pdf format [6.5MB]


The study was undertaken to identify the characteristics of road crashes occurring on feeder roads on the outskirts of provincial cities. These roads generally traverse a road environment that is partially developed, extending from the commencement of a typical urban environment to one which is totally rural in nature.

The study investigated both mass accident and site conditions data in order to identify those facets of the road environment that contributed to the occurrence of road crashes.

The report establishes the uniqueness of roads which have only partial abutting development and prescribes measures that are designed to improve safety along their length. The main deficiencies and issues identified related to, the failure of the road design to respond to the demands of increased roadside development, the need to review road design policy and practices for major arterial roads in partially developed environments, and the importance of safety auditing and improved road design planning for roads within the transitional urban/rural areas.

Measures recommended in the report that are designed to improve safety on feeder roads on the outskirts of provincial cities include the provision of turning and acceleration/deceleration lanes, increased curve delineation, improvements in shoulder scaling practices and better utility pole placement/protection.

Sponsoring Organisation: Baseline Research Program