Alfred Hospital Trauma Centre Evaluation Study

Monash University Accident Research Centre - Report #33 - 1993

Authors: B. Fildes, F. McDermott, W. McKenzie, A. Norman, J. Ozanne-Smith & P. Vulcan

Full report in .pdf format [5MB]


The Trauma Centre and Helipad at the Alfred Hospital were established as part of a program to improve the management of major road trauma in Victoria. The Monash University Accident Research Centre was commissioned to conduct a study to evaluate the effects of these changes. A "before" and "after" study design was chosen involving the Alfred Hospital and eight other hospitals in its traditional catchment area to monitor these changes. In addition, the Royal Melbourne Hospital was also included as a "control" to assess state-wide changes in trauma management apart from the Trauma Centre. To date, nine months of "before" study data has been collected involving 1480 road trauma patients. These data have been presented to demonstrate the wealth of data available and the types of comparisons possible once the "after" study data has been assembled. The report concludes with a recommendation for additional funding to complete the evaluation study. In the meanwhile, there would be merit in providing extra resources to analyse these data more thoroughly to gain a clearer picture of trauma management in this state.

Sponsor: Transport Accident Commission