Overview of Random Breath Testing Operations in Victoria 1989-1991

Monash University Accident Research Centre - Report #40 - 1992

Authors: G. Sullivan, A. Cavallo & A. Drummond

Full report in .pdf format [2.1MB]


Towards the end of 1989 the Victoria Police took delivery of 13 highly visible, purpose-built buses from which to conduct RBT operations. Prior to that testing had been primarily car-based. Operational data from the initiative have been made available to monitor the changes in Police operations as the initiative evolved. RBT operational data from July 1989 to June 1991, covering the period where buses were introduced, have been used to monitor these changes.

The main change in RBT activity over the two years was the increased usage of buses and the resultant decrease in car-based testing. In the metropolitan area the change to buses was almost immediate while the introduction of buses to rural Victoria was much slower and varied across Police districts.

The introduction of buses has led to increases in the number of RBT tests and gradual, but relatively smaller, increases in the total number of hours of RBT operations and session duration in the metropolitan area. In the rural areas the number of tests and duration of RBT sessions have, until early 1991, remained relatively constant. The number of hours spent testing in rural areas has varied over time.

The main change due to the introduction of buses for the purpose of RBT has been a large increase in the number of people tested for only small changes in the total time spent testing.

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