National General Practice Injury Survey: Pilot Study, October 1994, Final Report

Monash University Accident Research Centre - Report #72 - 1995

Authors: J. Ozanne-Smith & F. Williams

Full report in .pdf format [3MB]


A national survey of injury presentations to general practice was piloted in October 1994 by MUARC in conjunction with the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP). The pilot, funded by the Commonwealth Department of Human Services And Health was conducted in conjunction with the 1994 Inter Practice Comparison (IPC) to: determine the feasibility of a definitive study; trial participant recruitment strategies; assess mechanisms for ensuring the representativeness, quality and utility of the data.

This report presents the results of the pilot study, with particular reference to: the methodology trialed, participation levels of general practitioners (by recruitment strategy, RARA code and state); the injury data collected (analyses of injury and injury event data, evaluation of quality and completeness); and the feasibility of a major study.

The report concludes that a definitive national study is feasible, but major issues identified in the pilot study would need to be addressed. Recommendations made in the report are as follows:

  • that a 12 month planning and recruitment phase be undertaken
  • that a randomised sampling process be developed incorporating considerable over-sampling (particularly among urban general practitioners) and personalised recruitment (if possible) to optimise the sample size
  • that an external auditing process to determine capture rate and biases due to non-inclusion be incorporated into the study design and budget of the major project
  • that the allocation of quality assurance (QA) points and nominal financial remuneration be considered for participating general practitioners
  • that a consultative process and perhaps a small workshop should be held to clarify methods and the sample size for the major study
  • that a proposal incorporating methods of dealing with these issues be developed collaboratively by MUARC and the RACGP, and submitted to appropriate funding bodies (to be undertaken in consultation with Commonwealth Department of Human Services And Health)
  • that in consultation with the College, the suitability of the Inter Practice Comparison as an appropriate vehicle for a randomised national survey to develop national estimates be re-considered due to the constraints identified.

Sponsor: Commonwealth Department of Human Services & Health