Motorcycle Crash Countermeasures: Literature review and implementation workshop

Monash University Accident Research Centre - Report #87 - 1996

Authors: N. Haworth & M. Schulze

Full report in .pdf format [1.1MB]


This literature review has examined many of these proposed countermeasures designed to either prevent crashes or reduce rider and pillion passenger injuries in the event of a motorcycle crash. In addition, the need for improvements to the effectiveness or methods of implementation of current countermeasures has been assessed. The countermeasures discussed include those which reduce the risk of a crash occurring:

  • improvements to conspicuity
  • motorcycle rider training
  • awareness training for car drivers
  • enforcement and licensing initiatives
  • zero BAC
  • restrictions on carriage of pillion passengers
  • restrictions on off-road riding by young riders
  • improvements to motorcycle braking
  • improvements to rider field of view
  • engine capacity and power restrictions
  • modifications to the road environment

and those which reduce the severity of injury in crashes:

  • helmets
  • lower limb protection
  • airbags, and
  • protective clothing.

The implementation workshop discussed the advantages and disadvantages and barriers to implementation of the recommendations of the literature review.

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