Development and Trial of a Method to Investigate the Acceptability of Seat Belt Reminder Systems

Monash University Accident Research Centre – Report #170 - 2000

Authors: W.A. Harrison, T.M. Senserrick & C. Tingvall

Full report in .pdf format [900KB]


This report details the development and trial of a method to assess the acceptability of seat belt reminder systems. The method is based on the simulation of social processes likely to occur with the introduction of the reminder systems and measurement of attitudes, motivations, and likely behaviours. The method was trialed using Australian participants recruited using a telephone survey concerning seat belt use and related attitudes. The results were very positive with respect to the acceptability of seat belt reminders in Australia. Drivers with relatively low wearing rates were not opposed to seat belts but appeared not to have developed a seat belt wearing habit in some driving situations. Participants were generally positive about the likely introduction of seat belt reminder systems. Recommendations are made for the application of this method in Sweden and elsewhere, and for the application of the method to assess the likely acceptability of other ITS systems during their development.

Sponsor: Vägverket, Sweden