Development of a model resource for parents as supervisory drivers

Monash University Accident Research Centre - Report #243 [2005]

Authors: Christine Mulvihill, Teresa Senserrick and Narelle Haworth

Full report in .pdf format [400KB]


The overall aim of this project is to develop a more comprehensive, practical and accessible resource for parents of novice drivers. Stage 1 of the project reviewed the evidence for a parental resource and identified the necessary issues to be addressed.

It is recommended that a model resource be developed that aims to bring about reductions in the risks of newly-licensed Probationary drivers. While the initial emphasis of this project was on developing a resource for parents of Learner drivers, there is a wide variety of resources currently available for that purpose. Improvements to that material are certainly possible, but there is a greater need for a resource at the transition to unsupervised driving, where the crash risks are extremely high. The model resource should aim to give parents a strategy and a framework for implementation of risk reduction measures, not merely information about the risks and ways of reducing them.

It is proposed that an adaptation of the Checkpoints program for local conditions would be the likely approach. The overall package is likely to include a combination of media. Methods of distribution of the resource will need to be assessed in a pilot stage that includes discussions with road safety agencies and other interested stakeholders. It is proposed that the following options be assessed: linking to a well-visited website, a connection to the licensing process and promotion and/or distribution in conjunction with an ongoing parent education program.

The parent resource should focus on the following issues: novice driver crash risks, the limited effectiveness of driver training programs, peer passenger risks, night-driving risks and vehicle recommendations. Other issues such as distraction, alcohol and other drugs and fatigue could also be covered in the parent resource.

The next steps are to develop and pilot a draft parent resource with the characteristics mentioned above. If implemented, then evaluation and revision would be later steps.

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