Evaluation of the Queensland Road Safety Initiatives Package

Monash University Accident Research Centre - Report #272 [2007]

Authors: Stuart Newstead, Irene Bobevski, Simon Hosking and Max Cameron

Full report in .pdf format [658KB]


This report presents an evaluation of the Queensland Road Safety Initiatives Package (RSIP) developed by Queensland Transport (QT) and the Queensland Police Service (QPS). The RSIP is a continuation of the Holiday Period Road Safety Enforcement and Education Campaign that was trialled between 13th December 2001 and 8th February 2002, and re-implemented from 13th December 2002 to 27th April 2003. The RSIP commenced on 28th April 2003 and continued into 2004. The RSIP aimed to target the road toll through increased hours of speed camera operation, increased hours of on-road Police enforcement to target the “Fatal Four” behaviours (drink driving, speeding, fatigue, and non-seat belt wearing), increased mass-media publicity to target the “Fatal Four” and increased hours of Police educative activities.

This study has evaluated the effectiveness of the Road Safety Initiatives Package implemented in Queensland over the period December 2002 to January 2004. The evaluation has examined the crash effects of the program and their associated economic worth for both the program as a whole as well as for specific program elements. It has also assessed changes in speeding behaviour and general attitudes through analysis of speed monitoring data and attitudinal surveys respectively.

Sponsoring organisation - Queensland Transport