Descriptive Analysis of Victorian Motorcycle Count Data

Monash University Accident Research Centre - Report #305 [2009]

Authors: Candappa, N., and Symmons, M, and Becker, L

Full report in .pdf format [454KB]


This report attempts to highlight routes of relatively high motorcyclist activity within Victoria within a given dataset. This increases knowledge of motorcyclist behaviour, route preferences and riding characteristics and allows any motorcyclist countermeasure programs to be implemented along routes of highest motorcyclist activity, maximising potential benefits.

Data from existing data collection points within Victoria were analysed relative to each other and routes were ranked from highest to lowest number of motorcycles over a specified period. Popular routes were identified within routes in an existing set of data collection locations, with respect to motorcyclist activity only, as well in comparison to all vehicle types. Typical riding characteristics were also determined, such as time periods and days of travel and months most popular for riding, recreational and commuter travel comparisons, speed limit adherence and metropolitan and rural location comparisons.

Sponsoring organisation - VicRoads