Publication List - Centre Report Series - 2001

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Key Words
Year /Pages
147 Gibson, T., Fildes, B., Deery, H., Sparke, L., Benetatos, E., Fitzharris, M., McLean, J. & Vulcan, P. Improved side impact protection: a review of injury patterns, injury tolerance and dummy measurement capabilities Injury, dummy, crash, side impact, human tolerance, injury criteria, HARM, safety 2001/116p
.pdf [1.6MB]
174 Fildes, B.
Vulcan, P.
Les, M.
Morris, A.
Benefits of airbag refitment in second-hand cars in New Zealand Drivers, safety, vehicle occupant, injury, cost-benefit, economic, harm, evaluation, countermeasures 2001/41p
.pdf [416KB]
178 Oxley, J.A.
Diamantopoulou, K.
Corben, B.F.
Injury reduction measures in areas hazardous to pedestrians.  Stage 2: Countermeasure evaluation Accident, injury, pedestrian, traffic engineering, countermeasure, speeding, cost-benefit, speed limit, road environment 2001/54p      .pdf [620KB]
179 Haworth, N.
Symmons, M.
Kowadlo, N.
Hazard perception by inexperienced motorcyclists Motorcycle, motorcyclist training, hazard perception 2000/40p      .pdf [140KB]
180 Regan, M.A.
Mitsopoulos, E.
Understanding passenger influences on driver behaviour: implications for road safety and recommendations for countermeasure development Passengers, drivers, driver behaviour, road safety 2001/169p   .pdf [1MB]
181 Cassell, E. Spiking injuries out of volleyball: a review of injury countermeasures Volleyball, injury prevention, overuse, evaluation, countermeasures 2001/110p
.pdf [440KB]
182 Newstead, S.V.
Corben, B.F.
Evaluation of the 1992-1996 Transport Accident Commission  funded accident black spot treatment program in Victoria Accident black spot, evaluation, accident analysis, traffic engineering, statistical analysis, economic analysis 2001/58p  
.pdf [857KB]
183 Pronk, N., Fildes, B.,
Regan, M., Lenné, M.
Truedsson, N. Olsson, T.
Windscreens and safety: a review Windscreen, windshield, degradation, damage, sandblasting, haze, driver perception 2001/76p 
.pdf [985KB]
185 Harrison, W.A.
Senserrick, T.M.
Investigation of audience perceptions of Transport Accident Commission Road Safety Advertising Public education, driver behaviour, highway safety 2000/85p
.pdf [1.3MB]
186 Senserrick, T.M.
Swinburne, G.C.
Evaluation of an insight driver-training program for young drivers Young drivers, driver training, insight training, attitudes, behaviours 2001/168p 
.pdf [1.2MB]
188 Haworth, N.
Symmons, M.
The relationship between fuel economy and safety outcomes Environment, fuel consumption, vehicle emissions, road safety, driver behaviour 2001/57p      .pdf [470KB]