Publication List - Centre Report Series - 2002

Report titles with underlined links will take you to an Abstract or Executive Summary of the report.  Complete reports are available in .pdf format free of charge.
Key Words
Year /Pages
184 Rechnitzer, G.
Hoareau, E.
Deveson, N.
Richardson, S.
Police vehicles: rollover stability analysis (phase 1 project)   2002/48p
.pdf [344KB]
187 Diamantopoulou, K.
Cameron, M.
An evaluation of the effectiveness of overt and covert speed enforcement achieved through mobile radar operations Covert and overt operations, Police vehicle, casualty crash, mobile radar speed enforcement, mobile radar publicity, rural areas, undivided highway 2002/56p     .pdf [160KB]
188 Haworth, N.
Symmons, M.
The relationship between fuel economy and safety outcomes Environment, fuel consumption, vehicle emissions, road safety, driver behaviour 2001/57p      .pdf [470KB
189 Haworth, N.
Symmons, M.
Local government road safety survey - 2000 Road safety, local government 2002/74p  
.pdf [671KB]
190 Day, L.
Cassell, E.
Lough, J.
Latrobe Safe Communities: Evaluation of a Local Level Injury Prevention Program - 1996-2000 Evaluation, injury prevention, community-based 2002/60p  
.pdf [ 551KB]
191 Newstead, S.V.
Farmer, C.M.
Narayan, S.
Cameron, M.H.
U.S. consumer crash test results and injury risk in police-reported crashes Vehicle safety, crashworthiness, crash test, data analysis, statistical analysis, vehicle occupant 2002/33p  
.pdf [190KB]
192 Haworth, N.
Mulvihill, C.
Symmons, M.
Motorcycling after 30 Motorcycle, motorcycle training, injury 2002/100p     .pdf [320KB]
193 Ozanne-Smith, J.
Routley, V.
Scott, I.
Scott, G.
Pharmaceutical Poisoning to 0-19 year olds. National Public Health Partnership Planning and Practice Framework Trial Poisoning, overdose, pharmaceuticals 2002/146p
.pdf [770KB]
194 Lambert, J.McK.
Rechnitzer, G.
Review of truck safety: stage 1: frontal, side and rear underrun protection Safety, accident, injury, heavy vehicle, design, vehicle occupants, under-ride protection 2002/104p  
.pdf [1.5MB]
195 Haworth, N.
Symmons, M.
Mulvihill, C.
Safety of small workgroups on roadways   2002/145p     .pdf [1.8MB]