Publication List - Centre Report Series - 1998

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Key Words
Year /Pages
128 Newstead, S.V.
Cameron, M.H.
Le, C.M.
Vehicle crashworthiness ratings and crashworthiness by year of vehicle manufacture:  Victoria and NSW crashes during 1987-96 Injury, vehicle occupant, collision, passenger car unit, passive safety system, statistics 1998/25p+app
.pdf [2.3MB]
129 Newstead, S.V.
Cameron, M.H.
Narayan, S.
Further modelling of some major factors influencing road trauma trends in Victoria: 1990-96 Statistical analysis, accident frequency, breath test, speed camera, advertising, economics, alcohol usage, accident black spot 1998/23p+app
.pdf [2.0MB}
McGrath, A.C.
Ozanne-Smith, J.
Attacking the goal of netball injury prevention: a review of the literature Netball, injury prevention, overuse injuries, countermeasures, evaluation 1998/123p   .pdf [960KB]
131 Ozanne-Smith, J.
Watt, G.
Day, L.
Stathakis, V.
Community based injury prevention evaluation:  The Safe Living Program (1990-1996) Evaluation, injury prevention, community, methodology outcome, impact, process 1998/236p  
.pdf [3.3MB]
132 Duarte, A.
Corben, B.
Improvement to black spot treatment strategy Accident black spot, road safety, pedestrian, median, guard rail, street lighting, skid resistance, mast arm, evaluation, road design 1998/69p  
.pdf [26.6MB]
Sherker, S.
Cassell, E.
In-line skating injury: a review of the literature In-line skaing, rollerblading, injury prevention, safety, countermeasures, evaluation 1998/59p     .pdf [200KB]
134 Harrison, W.A.
Pronk, N.J.
An investigation of the relationship between traffic enforcement and the perceived risk of detection for driving offences Enforcement, Police, alcohol, driver behaviour, deterrence, speeding 1998/41p  
.pdf [332KB]
135 Diamantopoulou, K.
Narayan, S.
Shtifelman, M.
Preliminary review of reductions in fatal and serious casualty crashes in Victoria during late 1996 and early 1997 Fatal crash, serious casualty crash, vehicle travel, crash rate, rainfall, sunshine hours, countermeasures

.pdf [1.4MB]

136 Newstead, S.
Narayan, S.
Evaluation of the crash effects of the changes in speed zones in Victoria implemented during 1992-93 (excluding 100 to 110 km/h): update including 1990-1997 crash data Speed limit, evaluation, injury accident, statistical analysis, traffic regulations, accident type, research report 1998/26p+app
.pdf [3.4MB]
137 Imberger, A.L.
Altmann, A.E.
Watson, W.L.
Unintentional adult eye injuries in Victoria Eye injury, adult, epidemiology 1998/36p  
.pdf [413KB]
McGrath, A.C.
Cassell, E.
Rolling injuries out of lawn bowls: a review of the literature Lawn bowls, injury prevention, overuse, evaluation, countermeasures 1998/51p      .pdf [230MB]
139 Routley, V. Motor vehicle exhaust gassing suicides in Australia: epidemiology and prevention Suicide, exhaust gassing, carbon monoxide, prevention 1998/73p  
.pdf [852KB]
140 Harrison, W.A.
Fitzgerald, E.S.
Pronk, N.J.
Fildes, B.
An investigation of characteristics associated with driving speed Speed, attitude, driver behaviour 1998/109p  
.pdf [524KB]
141 Diamantopoulou, K.
Cameron, M.
Shtifelman, M.
Evaluation of moving mode radar for speed enforcement in Victoria, 1995-1997 Moving mode (mobile) radar, enforcement, rural areas, road trauma, Adstock, publicity awareness, undivided highway, residual effects 1998/76p+app
.pdf [4.8MB]
142 Deery, H.
Kowadlo, N.
Westphal-Wedding, T.
Fildes, B.
Identifying subtypes of young novice drivers: implications for matching training to the needs of the driver Novice drivers, driver training 1998/113p
.pdf [4.9MB]
Sherker, S.
Cassell, E.
A review of field hockey injuries and countermeasures for prevention Field hockey, injury prevention, safety, countermeasures, evaluation 1998/90p      .pdf [300KB]