Publication List - Centre Report Series - 1999

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Key Words
Year /Pages
Cassell, E.
McGrath, A.
Lobbing injury out of tennis: a review of the literature Tennis, injury prevention, overuse, evaluation, countermeasures 1999/115p
.pdf [470KB]
145 Pronk, N.J.
Harrison, W.A.
Holland's theory of personality and occupation in a road safety context Enforcement, police, alcohol, drink driving, personality, occupation 1998/38p
.pdf [713KB]
147 Gibson, T., Fildes, B.,
Deery, H., Sparke, L., Benetatos, E., Fitzharris, M., McLean, J. & Vulcan, P.
Improved side impact protection: a review of injury patterns, injury tolerance and dummy measurement capabilities Injury, dummy, crash, side impact, human tolerance, injury criteria, HARM, safety 2001/116p
.pdf [1.6MB]
148 Day, L.
McGrath, A.
Unintentional machinery injury on farms in Victoria Farm injury, farm machinery, epidemiology, case-series 1999/34p
.pdf [360KB]
149 Newstead, S.V.
Cameron, M.H.
Leggett, L.M.W.
Evaluation of the Queensland Random Road Watch Program Police, law enforcement, evaluation, statistical analysis, data analysis, accident 1999/26p+app
.pdf [1.2MB]
150 Newstead, S.V.
Cameron, M.H.
Le, C.M.
Vehicle crashworthiness ratings and crashworthiness by year of vehicle manufacture: Victoria and NSW crashes during 1987-97, Queensland crashes during 1991-96 Injury, vehicle occupant, collision, passenger car unit, passive safety system, statistics 1999/30p+app
.pdf [8.7MB]
151 Finch, C.
Cassell, E.
Stathakis, V.
The epidemiology of sports and active recreation injury in the Latrobe Valley Sport and active recreation injury, Latrobe Valley, community survey 1999/116p
.pdf [1MB]
152 Newstead, S.V.
Cameron, M.H.
Updated correlation of results from the Australian New Car Assessment Program with real crash data from 1987 to 1996 Vehicle safety, crashworthiness, crash test, injury, vehicle occupant, collision, passenger car unit, data analysis, statistical analysis 1999/43p+app
.pdf [1.4MB]
153 Harrison, W.A. Psychological disorders as consequences of involvement in motor vehicle accidents: a discussion and recommendations for a research program Crash, psychological disorder, anxiety, depression, post traumatic stress disorder 1999/25p
.pdf [1.3MB]
154 Harrison, W.A.
Fitzharris, M.
Drinking and driving in rural Victoria: a survey of hotel patrons Enforcement, Police, alcohol, driver behaviour, deterrence 1999/31p
.pdf [1.4MB]
155 Day, L.
Rechnitzer, G.
Evaluation of the tractor rollover protective structure rebate scheme 1997/98
.pdf [20MB]
156 Harrison, W.A. The role of experience in learning to drive: a theoretical discussion and an investigation of the experiences of learner drivers over a two-year period Driving experience, young drivers, exposure, learner drivers, anxiety, confidence 1999/42p
.pdf [1MB]
157 Oxley, J.
Fildes, B.
Safety of older pedestrians: strategy for future research and action initiatives Pedestrians, elderly, health conditions, mobility, road crossing, complexity, testing, research, countermeasures 1999/58p
.pdf [545KB]
158 Cassell, E.
Ozanne-Smith, J.
Women's injury in the home in Victoria Home injuries, accidents, injury prevention, epidemiology, countermeasures 1999/256p
.pdf [1 MB]
159 Harrison, W.A.
Triggs, T.J.
Pronk, N.J.
Speed and young drivers: developing countermeasures to target excessive speed behaviours amongst young drivers Enforcement, police, speed, driver behaviour, adult 1999/69p
.pdf [3.7MB]
160 Stathakis, V.Z. Hospitalised injuries Victoria, July 1992-June 1998 Epidemiology, injury, overview, trends, hospital use, morbidity, all ages, unintentional injury, intentional injury, medical injury 1999/120p
.pdf [1.1 MB]
161 Fitzgerald, E.S.
Harrison, W.A.;
Hazard perception and learner drivers: A theoretical discussion and an in-depth survey of driving instructors Hazard perception, driver training, learner drivers, cognitive driving skills 1999/73p
.pdf [388KB]
162 Watson, W.
Day, L.
Ozanne-Smith, J.
Lough, J.
Consumer product related injuries in older persons Consumer product safety, older persons, injury surveillance, falls 1999/171p
.pdf [5.4MB]
163 Haworth, N.
Kowadlo, N.
Road safety programs undertaken by local government Road safety, local government 1999/42p+app .pdf [2.9MB]