About us

The Monash eResearch Centre (MeRC) is a Monash Technology Research Platform established in 2006. Since its beginning, it has grown in size, with its capabilities underpinning the research of over 2000+ researchers within Monash and around Australia.

MeRC is a University commitment dedicated to accelerating research by applying advanced computing and information technology to important research problems. The Centre partners with individual researchers, Australian research institutions, facilities and global research communities. MeRC is a leader amongst international eResearch initiatives and runs a number of national projects including the MASSIVE high-performance computing facility, R@CMon - a node of the Australian Research Cloud, petascale data storage infrastructure, and the national Characterisation Virtual Laboratory. Staff at the Monash eResearch Centre deliver impact: we help visualise how the human brain is connected, we design high-performance computing systems, we write data processing workflows for one-of-a-kind Australian microscopes, and we write smart software for interrogating unique data collections.

This year, our capabilities have been further enhanced with the incorporation of the Helix Technology Research Platform. Helix supports data-driven research involving sensitive data, including personal or health data. It is a university-wide capability comprising expert staff and underpinned by world-class high-performance and secure IT infrastructure. The sheer scale of Monash University’s research involving sensitive data has been a major driver towards the establishment of sustainable and scalable solutions to enable researchers to collect, manage, analyse, and share data. These capabilities enable the use of the latest developments in technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), offering researchers ground-breaking research environments that incorporate privacy by design.

The Monash eResearch Centre supports research by partnering with research groups, instrument facilities, technology companies and IT service providers, providing advice and access to advanced computational and data infrastructure. Its aim is to accelerate research progress and to improve the quality and impact of Monash University’s research through eResearch expertise, cutting-edge technology and community engagement.