LabArchives Training Materials

Like to learn about the basics of LabArchives more comprehensively? LabArchives provides a series of videos that expand on the topics covered in the Quick Introduction to LabArchives video, and covers other key features of LabArchives in detail.

Access video tutorials

The content of the playlist includes:

  • What is LabArchives? Brief overview on the platform;
  • Best practices for setting up LabArchives;
  • Structure of your Notebook (similar to an S-Drive layout);
  • How to create/add a new Folder, Page or Entry;
  • How to move, rename or delete a Folder, Page or Entry;
  • Searching Notebooks;
  • Adding files/photos to your Notebook;
  • LabArchives Inbox and Inbox Rules;
  • MS-Office Plugin;
  • Retaining all historical Revisions (complete audit trail);
  • Widgets;
  • Tagging (control vocabulary);
  • Linking;
  • Comments;
  • Sharing at multiple levels;
  • Access Management.