Setting up your Mobile LabArchives account on mobile or tablet devices

Access your LabArchives account from anywhere, anytime! The LabArchives App was created by LabArchives for both Apple/Andriod devices to give Users a portable, fuss-free, easy-to-use free companion to the web program.

This App allows Users to:

  • Have a continuous workflow if they are out in the field or at clinics/conferences;
  • Snap and view images of posters, notes, research data and store them securely in your LabArchives account from anywhere in the world. Descriptions and legends may be added to pictures and photos may be resized (ie. Small, large etc);
  • Stay organised and improve your productivity in the research group;
  • LabArchives enables you to make notes, store photos and other data, and makes all completely searchable.

For Monash University Users - Please refer to these PDF instructions on how to access LabArchives on a mobile or tablet device with your Monash University Institute Account.

For further information, please refer to the Andriod LabArchives Mobile Guide or the iOS LabArchives Mobile Guide.