How secure is my LabArchives account

LabArchives is a secure environment that has been rated to store information/data classified as critical.

Below are the details of LabArchives Data Security.

Data and Application Security  

  • LabArchives is a secure application on servers hosted at Amazon Web Services located in New South Wales, Australia.
  • SSL certificates provide full-time HTTPS security for all User interactions with the application.
  • LabArchives has successfully passed numerous network and application security tests from multiple vendors.
  • Each customer's data is stored in its own database, isolated from other customer data.
  • Disk storage systems used for customer data utilise block-level "encryption at rest" via LUKS/AES/SHA256 and all backups of customer data reside only in an encrypted form.
  • All access to LabArchives is logged and application logs are monitored regularly for malicious or unusual traffic.

Physical Security, Backups, and Redundancies    

  • LabArchives servers are kept in a secure, primary data centre (New South Wales, Australia) with a separate, disaster recovery data centre thousands of miles apart. Amazon Web Services provides additional data centre that are also at our disposal.
  • All data are immediately duplicated and stored redundantly at one site, and a separate, hourly backup is made to the other.
  • Any access into primary and disaster recovery systems is limited to authorised LabArchives systems staff.

High Availability 

  • Critical server statistics and accessibility details are monitored from multiple locations worldwide continuously
  • Systems staff are ready to respond when monitoring thresholds for performance and availability are reached.
  • Procedures to failover to secondary data centres have been documented and are tested regularly.

Go to LabArchives Privacy Policies for more information on privacy policies.