Linking GraphPad Prism to my LabArchives account

What is GraphPad Prism?

GraphPad Prism is a program designed to combine scientific graphing, comprehensive curve fitting (non-linear regression etc), understandable statistics, and data organisation. Monash University has a site license for use by students, staff and faculty members.

GraphPad Prism (Version 5.04 / 5.0d and higher) has been integrated with LabArchives to enable users to directly export projects from Prism into the LabArchives Notebook. Additionally, when a Prism project is opened from within your Notebook, it may be re-saved into the same Page from which is resides, preserving both versions of the file.

How do I set-up GraphPad Prism to work with LabArchives?

  1. Ensure you have a valid licensed installation of Graphpad Prism.
    Instructions are available in the Software Catalogue (6th Row down, Ticks are Links).
  2. Quit/Exit Prism.
  3. Get your personal key from LabArchives. Login to LabArchives  and select the LabArchives App authentication in the drop down under your name.
  4. Cut and paste the password (Note: it is only valid for an hour).
  5. Download the file LabArchivesConfig.txt from here: labarchivesconfig.txt
  6. a) For MAC OSX users (using the Monash GraphPad Prism license)
    • Create the the folder /Library/Application Support/GraphPad/Prism/Config
    • (This folder may already exist if you use the Monash Mac SOE, in which case you will need full admin rights to your Mac - call x51777 and raise a request for support)
    • Copy or Move labarchivesconfig.txt to the system folder

      /Library/Application Support/GraphPad/Prism/Config/

      Not: /Users/username/LibraryApplication Support/GraphPad/Prism/Config

    b) For Windows 7 users (Monash SOE users may need to contact servicedesk x51777  for support)

    • Search for the file prism.exe and note the folder in which it resides.
    • Copy or move labarchivesconfig.txt to that folder
  7. Start Prism and login to LabArchives using the password from step 2.

How do I Use GraphPad Prism with LabArchives?

To learn how to integrate LabArchives with GraphPad Prism, please follow the directions below.

  1. First, open GraphPad Prism. When opened, you will see an option for LabArchives, highlighted in the image below.
  2. Once clicked, a new window will appear asking to log into an active LabArchives account. If the User does not currently have one, an account can be created through GraphPad Prism by choosing "Try LabArchives Free".
  3. If logging into an active LabArchives account, a new window will appear to input the User's login and password, shown below.
  4. Once logged into an active LabArchives account, all notebooks associated with the account can be selected from the drop-down menu, shown below. Any GraphPad Prism files associated with the notebook will show up as well.
  5. From here, you can open a selected GraphPad Prism file, edit it, and save it back to your notebook. To do this, there is a LabArchives icon near the top right hand corner of the program, shown below. You will have the option to save it to LabArchives, open a file from LabArchives, log out of LabArchives, or learn more about LabArchives.