Virtual Labs and Collaborative Research Platforms

The Monash eResearch Centre offers access to applications that greatly enhance research capabilities - from processing of high-resolution microscopy data right through to the handling of sensitive data for clinical trials and other population-based studies.


Characterisation Virtual Laboratory: The Characterisation Virtual Laboratory is a powerful platform essential to the future capability of Australian scientists by integrating Australia's research imaging facilities with computational and data storage infrastructure and tools.

Contact: See the MASSIVE Contact page

Imaging Tools

Imaging Tools - An Australian Characterisation Commons at Scale (ACCS) Project initiative.

Helping researchers find and access digital characterisation resources, including online environments, computing facilities, data, training and events

This is a platform for researchers, research organisations, government agencies (state and commonwealth) and infrastructure providers who have a need to manage and analyse characterisation data.


Safe Havens for Sensitive data

Working with sensitive data creates challenges for researchers who need to effectively manage, process and share their data collections without compromising on privacy, integrity, ethics and legislative requirements.

Monash SeRP is a scalable and innovative Safe Haven environment that gives researchers enhanced control over the processes for analysis and sharing of sensitive research data to ensure compliance with data protection and privacy standards

Contact: See the Monash SeRP contact page
Website: Monash SeRP support portal

If you would like to enquire about creating a new SeRP Project, please follow this link to provide information on your project: Monash SeRP Project Request Form