Using Widgets

What are Widgets?

Widgets are a powerful feature of LabArchives which enables Users to extend the capabilities of LabArchives by creating forms, templates, and even custom programs that operate within your Notebooks. They are one of LabArchives' most flexible tools. Essentially, they are customisable, interactive HTML forms or applications. What makes them so useful, is how they can be tailored for your specific experiment. They can contain interactive text boxes, buttons, check boxes, tables, drop-down menus, and more. Even better, these forms are displayed within the page, rather than as a link to an external file.


Available Widgets

List of some of the Widgets that are currently available in LabArchives:

  • Freezer Box Widget - perfect for visually organising any storage space in a grid style, rather than a table style. 
  • Google Drive Widget - incorporates any documents, spreadsheets, PDF's, or saved files in your Google Drive library on your ELN. 
  • Google Calendar Widget - allows you to incorporate your Google Calendar anywhere within your ELN. This can be especially useful when organising meetings/experiments/consults throughout the week, or setting up a class schedules. 
  • Database Widget - ability to manage databases in your Research Group. This Widget type allows you to complete the same customised form as many times as you want, showing the information for all forms on a single table. This makes it great for a Laboratory/Research Group Inventory, a table of Experimental results, or for any situation where you want to use repetitive functions to show a field of data. 
  • Spreadsheet Widget - gives you an alternative option when creating a spreadsheet to organise your data within your ELN. It has a user-friendly design that enables you to create, view, and edit data within your ELN. 
  • Chemical Sketcher Widget - possible to import .MOL files (a way to represent molecules) into the Chemical Sketcher Widget or export them to another application.

Click on Widgets and Widget Manager to find more information about the different Widgets available for use.