Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

LabArchives is compatible with ALL file types. LabArchives can load and store any type of file within pages of notebooks. LabArchives has built in file viewers for some common file types (e.g. MS-Office, PDF, Txt, picture files etc), that enable the User to view file content within LabArchives. The limitation is that each individual file must not exceed 250MB. For files larger than 250MB, consider creating links from LabArchives to these locally stored large data files.

Data security

Yes. As research studies involve humans and their personal information, should we be storing participant codes/real names and their details on LabArchives or store it on the Monash University secured and protected share drives? LabArchives has been cleared to store both confidential and critical data.

University's control of LabArchives and data integrity

Please refer to your Faculty website for any specific guidelines or policies.

Sharing with external collaborators

Guest access becomes read-only after 60 days, it does not expire. For editing rights beyond this time a Professional Edition account can be purchased. This would ensure access with rights as designated by the notebook owner until the collaborator is removed from the notebook.