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Finding great talent can be hard work. It doesn't have to be.

We're a full-service recruitment agency making it simple for organisations to find talented people who are a perfect fit for their team.


Need to fill a position?

We'll save
you time

We'll place the job ad, handle the paperwork and send you a shortlist within a few days.

We find you
the right recruits

Drawing on neuroscience and big data technology, we'll find the best candidates.

We are a
genuine partner

Right from day one, we'll learn your long-term goals to make the right hire every time.

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How Monash Talent Works

Four easy steps to securing your next staff member through Monash Talent

In four simple steps

1. Get in touch
We'll call to talk through your job requirements

2. We'll handle the paperwork
And place a job ad for you

3. We'll shortlist the standouts in 48 hours
Based on a comprehensive cognitive emotional and professional profile

4. We'll set up an interview
Otherwise you can make a direct hire

Temporary, part-time or full-time

We'll bring you the brightest and best-suited graduates from a top 100 university.

We charge a small fee for our services. If you  want to hire on a temporary basis, you can use our payroll service

We're ready when you are

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