For graduates

Fast track to meaningful employment

Monash Talent is an exciting new Monash University employment service that makes it much easier for you to kickstart your career.

Get great, paid, professional experience after graduation

  • Create your profile, apply for your first opportunity and it all flows from there - After your initial application, each application will be quicker and easier and the jobs will start coming to you.
  • Get a paying job, doing what you love - The best kind of job is one you are excited to go to every day. The job opportunities we send are related to your study and interests – it’s work you can be passionate about.
  • Build your employability - Whether or not you get the first job you apply for, the whole process builds up your employability skills. You’re getting experience in interviewing, marketing your skills and pinpointing the right jobs, and we can provide feedback on your applications that don’t work out.
  • Hit it off with your employer - We make a point of connecting all our graduates with employers who are the right fit for their skills and values.
  • Relevant experience on your CV - Whether you take on a full-time role or temporary position on a project, Monash Talent helps you build up your CV.

How does it work?

Monash Talent is your fast track to meaningful employment in your field of study. We’re excited to have you on board. The process for finding your perfect job opportunity is simple enough to summarise in 5 easy steps.

Step One: Register and create your profile - Register on our platform and start receiving job alerts.

Step Two: Apply for a job - When you apply for your first opportunity, you’ll complete a video interview and upload your CV. After that, applications get even easier!

Step Three: Be prepared for shortlisting - If you make it past the first round of screening we’ll brief you over the phone. If you make it to round two, you’ll be in direct consideration by the employer.

Step Four: Accept your job - If the employer selects you, your job offer will come across.

Step Five: Learn from your experience - If you don’t get offered the job, we’re happy to provide you with some constructive feedback to help you improve in the future.

Why should you enlist our help?

We’re a Monash University service, and we want to create great opportunities for our graduates. So, let us help you transition into this exciting next phase of your life. With a strong network of reputable employers and a team of experienced recruitment specialists, we have the tools and the connections you need to find great work opportunities after graduation.

We’re ready when you are. To learn more about how to fast track your move into professional employment, create your profile today.

Got questions?

Read our FAQs for more information about the Monash Talent service for graduates.