Paul Liknaitzky Lab

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The Clinical Psychedelic Research Lab

The Clinical Psychedelic Research Lab is establishing a rigorous program of research in psychedelic medicine at Monash University that seeks to evaluate therapeutic effects, innovate on treatment design, mitigate known risks, explore potential drawbacks, and understand therapeutic mechanisms.

The Lab is led by Dr Paul Liknaitzky.

The Lab is part of the School of Psychological Sciences within the Turner Institute for Brain and Mental Health, and the Department of Psychiatry within the School of Clinical Sciences.

Latest announcement - World-first psilocybin trial receives ethics approval!

October 2021: It’s official! We have received ethics approval to treat 72 patients with Generalised Anxiety Disorder in a two-dose, well-controlled (triple-blind, active placebo) investigator-initiated trial. This is the largest psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy trial in Australia to date, and a world-first in the treatment of GAD. In addition, the trial will incorporate a world-first option for research therapists to receive psilocybin under supportive conditions as part of their training.

Read Monash University’s press release here