Message from the Head

Welcome to the Department of Business Law and Taxation at Monash Business School – the leading business law department in Australia in terms of size and expertise.

We offer a comprehensive research and teaching program with a focus on commercial law and regulation in the Asia-Pacific region. Our Department provides Monash Business School students with the unique opportunity to learn from staff focused specifically on business law. For this reason, our active and high quality doctoral program has been recognised as one of the world's best, attracting high quality PhD students from four continents.

Rigorous research designed to foster debate

We have a strong reputation for publishing in leading international journals and are actively engaged in policy debate. Our research on illegal Phoenix activity, where a company transfers debts to another entity and abandons its liabilities, in conjunction with the University of Melbourne, has resulted in the Federal Government outlining changes to deter this activity. This work has also involved our ongoing consultation with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. Our staff have also been vocal about various aspects of laws and regulations requiring change. For example, the Federal Government is currently changing rules around the Petroleum Resource Rent Tax regime due to our advocacy on this issue.

International and industry engagement

We are also known for engaging in international collaboration and have a strong record for securing external research funding both nationally and abroad.

We also work in conjunction with the business community, accounting and legal professionals, government agencies, social welfare bodies, and international organisations.

Our academics have been seconded to assist government agencies including the Treasury and Australian Taxation Office. We also regularly work with international agencies such as the International Monetary Fund and Asian Development Bank to assist with the development of business and tax laws across the Asia-Pacific region.

Access to justice

Our academics work to uphold the values of human rights and social justice. We are currently working with Maurice Blackburn Lawyers on issues relating to access to justice. We also investigate corporate social responsibility through human rights frameworks, gender equality and whether legislation is operating how it is intended to. Our academics are also researching issues such as environmental conflicts in Vietnam supported by joint grants from the United Nations Development Programme and National Economic University.

Professor Michelle Welsh
Head of Department