Our story

The Department of Business Law and Taxation research activities in corporations law, taxation law, employment law, Asian law and international business law are carried out through five research groups. Each group regularly sponsors international symposia and work with partner groups within European, North American and Australasian universities.

Teaching excellence

Monash Business School fosters a strong teaching environment with its annual Dean’s Awards for Teaching Excellence. Our staff are regularly the recipients of these awards which recognise innovative teaching approaches that influence, motivate and inspire students to learn. Our staff have also been awarded the Australian Award for University Teaching (Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning). Several of our staff are authors of leading textbooks used throughout Australia and around the world.

Links with industry

Our Business Law and Taxation academics are nationally and internationally recognised experts in their fields and regularly address contemporary issues in business regulation. They work with Australian and international organisations to give policy advice which ensures students learn the latest developments in business regulation. These organisations include the International Labour Organisation, Australian Taxation Office, the United Nations Development Programme, the UN Commission on International Trade Law and the Asian Development Bank.