International Trade and International Commercial Law Research Group

The International Trade and International Commercial Law (ITICL) research group brings together expertise in the law and regulation of international trade and international commerce including the economic, social, ethical and political implications of trade and commercial law.

Group objectives

Our aim is to engage with key stakeholders and international partners to stimulate thoughtful and scholarly research with impact, as well as to influence legal and policy debate around international trade and international commerce. We employ a number of mechanisms to achieve this including:

  • Contributing to the curricula and teaching of international trade and international commercial law, within and outside Monash University;
  • Delivery of conferences, seminars and workshops for researchers and the wider public;
  • Publishing research in journals, books, working papers and in the media;
  • Providing a platform for obtaining competitive research grants and industry support for research; and
  • Recruiting quality domestic and international graduate research students who can contribute to our research initiatives.

ITICL members undertake a range of impact and engagement activities to further enhance the group’s position as a global leader in research in the fields of international trade law (public international law), and international commercial law (private international law).

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