Corporate Law, Organisation and Litigation Research Group

The Corporate Law, Organisation and Litigation (CLOL) Research Group focuses on collaborative research in the areas of corporate law, regulation and ASIC Law, corporate accountability, organisational and governance theory and litigation, dispute resolution and access to justice (and more).

Group objectives

Our aim is to undertake cross-disciplinary research drawing on the expertise of Monash researchers and external institutions and industry partners across the fields of law, economics, management, marketing, banking and finance and accounting to develop research that builds scholarly knowledge in the field and contributes to legal, governance and policy debate. We employ a number of mechanisms to achieve this including:

  • Development of research projects with Monash and external partners, such as business groups, government agencies, legal firms, and other academic institutions
  • Delivery of conferences, seminars and workshops for researchers and the wider public
  • Publishing of research in journals, books, working papers and in the media
  • Provision of a platform for obtaining competitive research grants and industry support for research
  • Attraction of quality domestic and international graduate research students who can contribute to our research initiatives
  • Dissemination of knowledge and research into the wider community.

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