Why Business Law and Taxation?

Law is the backbone of business – organisations rely on a strong knowledge of the rules and processes they need to comply with in order to operate effectively and efficiently. Law regulates commercial transactions and marketing processes, and it regulates those engaged in companies and partnerships. Business law is also at the frontier of developments in e-commerce as established regulations are adapted to cyber space.

Endless career options

Studying Business Law and Taxation will prepare students for a wide range of employment opportunities, both in Australia and internationally.

All Business Law and Taxation units at Monash Business School are taught using a ‘law for business’ approach, tailored to the needs of modern organisations. They cover essential workplace skills such as critical thinking and problem solving, as well as specialist legal knowledge, relevant to the challenges that businesses encounter today.

Students can tailor their business law or taxation major to individual career goals by choosing from an extensive range of units across commercial law, workplace law, taxation and international business law.