The Australian Consortium for Research on Employment and Work (ACREW) builds on a long tradition of excellence in the fields of employment relations and human resources at Monash that began in the early years of Monash University. This tradition includes a legacy from the National Key Centre in Industrial Relations, which the Australian Research Council (ARC) had established at Monash in 1989.

ACREW promotes research and scholarship in the broad area of work and employment relations. Our key aim is the promotion of interdisciplinary and collaborative research in a range of fields including human resources, industrial and workplace relations and organisational behaviour.

We encourage projects in the private, not-for-profit and government sectors, especially with a view to producing high-quality publications. Our projects have an impact on society by contributing to enhanced organisational performance, improved social wellbeing, and the improvement of public policy.

Our specific aims are to:

  • Collaborate with private, not-for-profit and public organisations in addressing challenges and opportunities in the field of work and employment relations.
  • Facilitate the attainment of high-quality research and publications in the field of work and employment relations.
  • Contribute to research-focused and public-policy debates on work and employment relations issues through seminars and other events
  • Foster links between Monash and other universities locally and internationally.

Our members work collaboratively on research projects in a range of interdisciplinary streams. We may provide seed funding to a small number of projects to foster research collaboration involving our members. We welcome visitors, research students, host seminars and other events. We co-host the Annual Isaac Symposium jointly with Melbourne University.