Our principles

Facts and figures

  • Principle 1: Social and environmental sustainability

    We are committed to the goals of global social and environmental sustainability and incorporate the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and the Principles of Responsible Management Education (PRME) into all our departmental activities. We seek to transform management education and research to enhance our impact on shaping a sustainable future for all.

  • Principle 2: Inclusion and Equity

    We value inclusion, diversity and equity and seek to create more inclusive and just organisations and societies. We model inclusion and social justice by creating a diverse, respectful, and collegiate departmental environment. We value and respect Indigenous peoples and practices and commit to incorporating the richness of these knowledges into our teaching and research activities.

  • Principle 3: Collaboration and Partnerships

    We develop and sustain frameworks and processes that enable staff and students to collaborate, build partnerships and engage authentically and ethically with individuals, businesses, industry, and government.

    Through partnership we seek to develop effective approaches to meeting current and future business, social and environmental challenges.

Facts and figures

  • Principle 4: Expanding Knowledge

    Our curricula focus on expanding the knowledge and understanding of our students so that they can challenge conventional thinking, integrate multiple perspectives and experiment with new ideas. As future leaders, we support our students to develop the capacities needed to respond confidently to real-life problems and manage the complexities of a changing world.

  • Principle 5: Our Learning Environment

    We provide a rich and engaging learning environment which welcomes students from all over the world. Our classrooms embrace, respect, and utilise the knowledge of different cultures and customs. We provide transformative learning experiences to help students thrive and have a positive impact on people, organisations, society, and the environment.