Critical reorientations of organisation and society

The Critical reorientations on organisation and society (CROS) research interest group is united in its commitment to exploring areas of work, organisational and economic life that are often overlooked. We seek to challenge aspects of the “taken-for-granted” organisation that deliberately or inadvertently privileges certain stakeholders while marginalising others.

We examine critical issues of power and inequality in organisations and society and identify opportunities for change in organisations that are more inclusive and supportive of employees, customers, and the natural environment.

Our members are inspired by a broad church of theoretical and academic traditions, including labour process, industrial relations and critical management studies. We explore various challenges within Management and Organisation Studies, including diversity and inclusion, labour relations, business ethics, leadership, food security, sustainability, identity, and organisational change.

In a world organised by contemporary capitalism, our group applies a critical lens on the role and responsibility of contemporary organisations, including that of academic research. Our work foregrounds marginalised voices and stories, envisioning better organisations and societies built for all. In our research, we often work collaboratively with communities and provide rich empirical and theoretical accounts of the world of work and organisation. We aim to leverage empirical and conceptual research to influence diverse stakeholders and enable broader positive change in Australia and internationally.

We draw predominantly on qualitative research, including case study material, interviews, and ethnographic studies. We have worked with many leading civil society organisations in Victoria, Australia, and internationally including Oxfam, World Vision India, Centre for Sustainable Agriculture (India) and MASIPAG (The Philippines); Australian healthcare sector unions (ANMF, HACSU, VAPHA); hospitals and health-related organisations (The Royal Women’s Hospital, Melbourne; Australian Red Cross Life Blood) and Trade Union Federations. Further, we have received significant funding from a number of bodies, including The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), WorkSafe Victoria and The Australian Research Council.

Our peer-reviewed research has been published and highly cited across our top discipline journals, including Academy of Management Learning & Education, Gender, Work and Organization, Human Relations, Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Management Studies, Leadership Quarterly, Organizational Research MethodsOrganization, and Organization Studies. Our work has also been published in interdisciplinary and area study journals, including the Journal of Contemporary Asia, International Journal of Environmental Research, Maturitas, Menopause, Public Health, Social Policy & Society, South Asia: Journal of South Asian Studies, and Third World Quarterly.