About us

The Department of Management is a leader in the Asia-Pacific region for management research and education. We:

Facts and figures

  • Bring together people

    Our department brings together people who are passionate about building a better future for individuals, organisations, societies, and the environment.

  • Embrace

    Our team embraces inclusion, diversity, and social justice. We model inclusion and social justice by creating a diverse, respectful, and collegiate environment.

Facts and figures

  • Value

    We value and respect the rich knowledges and practices of Indigenous cultures in the pursuit of social and environmental sustainability.

  • Prepare our students

    Our learning environment helps students become responsible and innovative leaders, capable of driving positive business, social and environmental change.

Facts and figures

  • Collaborate and partner

    We collaborate extensively with  individuals, businesses, industry, and government to advance management practice and knowledge and to create a better future for all.