Faculty assessment process

Unit assessment regime

  1. As a general guideline, the total length of assessment tasks for a 6 credit point unit should not exceed 6,000 words-equivalent. Each hour of an examination is treated as being equivalent to 1,000 words of assessment. This weighting of 6,000 words per 6 credit points is also applicable to 12, 18 and 24 credit point units (i.e. 12,000, 18,000 and 24,000 words respectively).

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Scheduled final assessment

  1. Scheduled final assessment tasks must be prepared as per the University’s Scheduled Final Assessments Procedure, and must be approved by the Head of Department (or nominee).
  2. Heads of Department may specify further requirements of chief examiners, such as the preparation of model solutions for the examination questions. Any model solutions must be approved by an independent staff member.
  3. Final assessment tasks may allow for calculators to be listed as a specially permitted item.  The current approved calculators in the Monash Business School are: HP10bII+ or Casio FX82 (any suffix).  Special arrangements to provide greater flexibility with calculators may be approved by the Deputy Dean, Education on a semester basis.
  4. Possession of unauthorised materials or equipment during a scheduled final assessment is dealt with in accordance with the University Student Academic Integrity Procedure.


Students may apply to view their examination script. Students may apply to receive individual feedback on their examination performance.  Details regarding the application process and associated timelines for exam viewing and for receipt of feedback will be published on the Faculty’s Current Student webpages.

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Supplementary assessment

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Verification of grade and remark of assessment items

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Endorsed: FEC 10/2021

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