Student complaints and grievances

It’s important to us that our students have a voice, and that they know it’ll be heard when there’s a problem. To give you the platform and structure required to deal with issues swiftly, we distinguish between academic or administrative complaints (which we’ll address here) and more serious grievances involving exclusion, discipline and sexual harassment.

If you’d like to speak with someone at any time before or during the process, the Student Rights Officers and the Monash Graduate Association can both offer independent advocacy, assistance and advice. You can also refer to the University Complaints and Grievances of Coursework Students Procedures for more detailed information.

If it feels safe to do so, your first port of call should always be to try and resolve a complaint with the staff member concerned. If you can’t reach a resolution, you can organise a confidential discussion with the next appropriate contact listed below.

For academic issues, contact:

  • Step 1 – lecturer/assistant lecturer
  • Step 2 – unit coordinator/chief examiner
  • Step 3 – course coordinator/head of department
  • Step 4 – course director

For administrative issues, contact:

  • Step 1 – Monash Business School Student Services Officer on your home campus
  • Step 2 – Manager of the Student Services Office on your home campus
  • Step 3 – Group Manager, Student Services

If your complaint still isn’t resolved or it involves bias on the part of the staff member, you should direct your complaint to the next appropriate level – eg. The chief examiner, unit leader, relevant administrative officer or head of department.

For some extra support, you can also reach out to a member of our University counselling or health services teams, or an officer of the appropriate student association.

If your complaint isn’t resolved informally, the next step is to submit a written request to the Faculty of Business and Economics Student Grievance Officer.

You can contact the Student Grievance Officer for advice, or to facilitate a resolution by emailing

Keep in mind, we can only process formal grievances if you’ve provided your full name, student ID and contact details using the Grievance lodgement form.

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