Student complaints and grievances

It's important to us that our students have a voice, and that they know it'll be heard when there's a problem. Your first step is to try to resolve a complaint directly with the staff member or department concerned. If that's not possible, or you don't feel comfortable in raising your issue directly with the staff member involved, you should speak to another staff member in the same department or administrative area. This is Stage 1 of the University's complaints process.

If your complaint relates to an assessment task (scheduled or non-scheduled, including exams) or thesis that you have completed, you'll need to wait until the marking process is finalised before you contact any staff member and try to resolve the issue informally.

If you can't reach a resolution informally, you can escalate your complaint to a senior staff member responsible for the unit, course or service. This is Stage 2 of the University's complaints process.

Contact points for complaints relating to Faculty of Business and Economics units, courses and services:

  • For academic issues, contact the Chief Examiner, Course Director, or Head of Department
  • For administrative issues, contact the Manager Student Administration or the Group Manager, Student and Education Services.

Get in touch with MonashConnect if you're not sure who to contact, or you need some assistance with contacting the relevant person.

If your complaint still isn't resolved, you can make a formal complaint (Stage 3). Review further information regarding formal complaints and submission requirements on the University's Current Students website.

If you'd like to speak with someone at any time before or during the process, your student association can assist. This advice is confidential and independent of the University.